Saturday, September 11, 2010

My New Swift Microscope

So as I mentioned, I got a new microscope. Here she is:

My new Swift M1000-D


As the ebay description warned, some guy found it in a dusty garage. Everything was filthy (lots of the inner workings still are). I wiped off everything external. I pulled off one of the eye-pieces and spent twenty minutes pulling apart the 6 pieces, cleaning them, and putting them back together. Here is the "One down, one to go" comparison:


She's meant to be a bio microscope using glass-slides with an adjustable under-light. That's sweet and all, but my slides haven't arrived yet, and a bunch of stuff I'm going to want to take pictures of are going to require a ring-light.

I had the Celestron microscope I took the previous pictures with. I pulled the webcam out of it, and shoved it into one of the eye-piece-sockets of my new girl. It was a little tight, but it fit as if these things were standard or something.

Webcam piece aside the celestron had the perfect LED light-ring. I tore the whole thing apart to figure out how it worked. I ended up using the whole thing as-is minus a bunch of plastic housing, and swapping out two wires with longer ones. 4 simple solders (6 if you count disassemble-damage-repair). The whole thing worked as optimal predictions foresaw.


So here are the results:

A fly's eye:

Some hair on a fly:

A fly's wing:

A wasp wing:

A wasp's wing next lens:
wasp-wing closer

A wasp's wing 3rd lens:
wasp-wing high zoom

I can look at dead bugs all night. I promise more creepy pictures of various arthropods I've killed, or found dead in my house.

Monica jokes my house is like the Saw movie for bugs. I haven't seen it, so I'm not sure what that means.

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