Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting started Cooking with Lightning

To tell the story of Cooking with Lightning, I need to start off by talking about HBL. In the summer of 2009. I was interested in going to Toorcamp to visit an old Titan-1 missile silo & I needed to arrange a ride. My friend Willow was getting a ride with Baron, and camping with Hackerbot Labs.

To make sure the HBL folks and I got along, I was required to go hang out at the lab on a Saturday night to get to know the crowd I'd be camping with. We hit it off quite well. I had a blast at Toorcamp, and I've been a regular at the lab ever since.

Hackerbot Labs at ToorCamp 2009 from Rob Flickenger on Vimeo.

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  1. hey pip! this is michelle. we met at saturday with my robot scientist friends who liked your compass ankle thing. how did the kite video turn out. it was nice meeting you. please let us know if you are showing any work local. we want to see more of your stuff. best, michelle goshorn