Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Pole Pig

In mid December 2010, the HBL mailing list got this email:

Subject: Big, high-voltage transformers for sale.

I've collected a number of big high-voltage transformers over the last few years, hoping to kickstart a large Tesla coil project. Alas, work and other hobbies have taken over, and so it's time to liquidate some coiling assets. Hopefully, when I have more time on my hands, I'll be able to make some sort of comeback.

For sale (pickup only!):

* Cooper 10kVA 34.5kV two-bushing pole transformer with tap changer and lightning arrester. A rare, very high-voltage unit. Big! Weighs about 700lbs. Never used (for anything); looks like new. (Here's the transformer with me for scale) Asking $400 obo.

* Westinghouse 2.5kVA 15.6kV single-bushing potential transformer. Oil-filled! Old and big. Nearly 500lbs. Asking $150.

* GE JVT-200 3kVA 24kV "Super Bute" two-bushing potential transformer. Resin-cast. This would make a super transformer for a medium Tesla coil. Asking $150.

The picture above is the the Cooper and its seller.

The HBL thread was only 8 replies deep when we had assembled the cash necessary to purchased the Cooper. The thread eventually grew to 64 replies and it covers the range of arranging picking it up, to discussing how to hell we're even going to use the damn thing, to what the hell we're going to use it FOR. Ideas ranged from charging the quarter shrinker, to powering a home-brew LINAC, to making toast.

I missed pickup, delivery, and all of the early shenanigans with the pole pig because of my trip to India. But I did get to ponder what to do with the new high voltage transformer while sitting around in Buddhists temples in India. Safer faster quarter shrinker charger, artificial fulgurites, and an HV lifter were at the top of my list.

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  1. Hello, I have what I think is a early 1900's electric pole transformer. I was wanting to try to see if you could share your thoughts on it. 706-455-8326 Dave. Thanks...